Securus Technologies Creates A Buzz

The company, Securus Technologies is different in so many ways from other ones because of their value system. This is evident by the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International that they recently received. The honor has pleased Securus Technologies because 11 of their specialists received the certifications. When Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International worked together, they were able to attain this type of special recognition.


Being Securus Technologies


 Securus Technologies is a company that creates technology for the justice departments in North America. With a fantastic base of employees, they are constantly striving new innovative ways to induce monitoring and corrections equipment. Securus Technologies utilizes their team of professionals to go into the field to do specialized work that makes a huge difference.


Being BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they are making strides in their industry. When they are helping with the information and communication industry, this is what they do best. At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they believe in their employees, creating a team that is empowered and rich in work ethics. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International has a wide base of things that they help with like, safety and security. With the benefits that BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International can give to businesses in the field, the world can become a better place.


Securus Technologies will continue to improve their lead in their industry. At Securus Technologies, it is important to them to make sure that public safety is of the highest priority. Being known around the world for their work, Securus Technologies makes an impact wherever they go. They want to induce the best values in the areas that they go to, and make the most of what they can offer.

Understanding Eric Pulier’s Achievements and Success

Eric Pulier’s profile as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropists is impeccable. Mr. Pulier currently serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and an elite member of the Progressive Policy Institute’s New Economy Task Force. The enormous success makes it hard to believe Pulier’s modest beginning.

Early life and Education

Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey. His love for computer programming started when he was in fourth grade and founded his first technology database computer startup while in high school. Pulier studied English and American Literature at Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

Career as a Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur

Pulier established People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991, a firm that addressed education, health care, and other issues using technology. He founded interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994 which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

In 1997, Pulier accepted a proposal from Clinton Administration to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. Following the exhibition, Pulier made several important contacts that made him undertake initiatives such as Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. He also became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier has cofounded and founded several companies where he has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Startup companies have counted on his support as one of the renowned innovators of his generation. Some of the ventures that Mr. Pulier has founded and cofounded are ServiceMesh, US Interactive, Akana, Digital Evolution, Desktone, Media Platform, and TM Forum, previously known as Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.


Pulier is a benevolent donor to numerous non-profit organizations and sits on the board of Painted Turtle, a camp for kids suffering from chronic sickness. Besides his substantial contributions in the private sector, Pulier established Starbright World, a platform for kids with severe childhood sickness. The social media platform gives kids the chance to connect with other others and share their experiences.


Pulier’s passion for English and American literature did not end at Harvard University. He is an esteemed author, writing books such as Understanding Enterprise SOA and columns in Forbes Magazine. His publications give entrepreneurs and technologists an invaluable picture on various issues and their interdependence.

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A Journey Into The Lives Of American Travelers

So many of us take for granted the simplest things in life. From food to transportation, we often don’t stop to think about hoe others are managing their everyday needs because we are far too consumed with our own. So many people in America rely on public transportation for their everyday or travel needs. Just like we all have our stories, so do these passengers. Former foreign correspondent for ABC and NBC Doug Levitt decided to give them a way to share their stories. He wanted to get up close and personal with America’s public travelers and learn more about what they face everyday on the Greyhound bus line.

Roughly ten years ago, Doug Levitt set out on a 100,000 mile long journey across America on, traveling as a passenger on the Greyhound bus. During his journey he collected pictures, songs and stories from passengers who travel on the bus line often. Because most people d o not choose to ride thus bus, Levitt knew that he would possibly encounter people who were struggling to make ends meet. This is what made his journey all the more unique. Not only was he able to meet and share stories with complete strangers, but he was also able to see how common the things they were facing may have been.

As the journey came to an end Levitt reflected on everything he had learned, the relationship he had formed and the unforgettable stories that the Greyhound passengers so willingly shared with him. Armed with his experience, he constructed “The Greyhound Diaries“. The project consist of a few EP recordings and video stories, each providing a glimpse into the lives of travelers who rely on public transportation. Listening to the album makes you wonder, what if it were me?

We all share one common thing; imperfection. What one lacks another may possess, and what one longs for another may reject. This is brought to life with the Greyhound Diaries. The compilation of real life stories and testimonials sheds light on the everyday struggles of Americans all over.

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John Goullet Continue To Steer DIVERSANT into an IT Staffing Powerhouse

When making a decision to hire a talent in your organization, you need to be confident you are making the right decision. Utilizing skills that do not work out can be costly for your organization. DIVERSANT, an IT staffing firm has come up with unique ways of identifying, vetting, and recruiting IT talent that reflects your interest and needs.

To ensure you get the right consultant, DIVERSANT candidates are guaranteed! You are allowed to evaluate the candidate for a full week, and if you are not satisfied with the performance by the end of the week, you will not be charged for the placement. The firm has a large pool of highly skilled IT talents ranging from senior to –mid-level professionals. The company triumph stems from matching IT skills and interest with specific employers needs. The process goes beyond academic qualification and includes personality tests.

DIVERSANT’s account managers are well connected to industry contacts and professional associations. The company has specialized in sourcing IT talents for varying industries and has built strong referral networks over the years. Moreover, DIVERSANT has earned a reputation for its unique and innovative programs that promote diversity in the workforce and supply chain. Diversity confers a competitive advantage for companies; it results in a wider range of creativity, greater possibilities, and practical solutions.

John Goullet serves as the Executive Principle of DIVERSANT. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has steered the development of highly successful ventures in the IT industry. Goullet’s career debuted as an IT consultant, after realizing the big gap between IT professionals and employers, he switched to IT staffing in 1994. He founded Info Technologies, IT staffing company that specialized in providing the Fortunate 500 companies with IT talents. Within 60 months, Info Technologies had grown to$30 million venture. This earned the company position 8 on the list of 500 fastest growing and privately held businesses in the United States.

To improve service delivery, Goullet and Gene merged Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. in 2010, and created DIVERSANT LLC. As the CEO of the firm, Goullet has continued with his passion for developing solutions for evolving IT talents demands in the marketplace.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions

Highland Capital’s CEO James Dondero Adds More Sleeper Assets To His Arsenal Of Assets

Hedge fund investor James Dondero continues to stay in the financial news. Dondero is one of the top hedge fund managers in the industry, and he is known for finding assets that look dead, but come alive when few people expect them to recover. James Dondero did that when he invested in Argentina debt bonds in 2014. Jim proved he knew what he was doing when that invested returned 25 percent the first year. Dondero likes to invest in the healthcare sector, in energy, IT, and consumer-related assets. His most recent purchase was Relypsa, a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes polymer-based medicines that treat illnesses that are usually overlooked and go untreated.

Another interesting recent investment is Dondero’s 11 percent stake in Pendrell. Pendrell is a patent licensing company that also buys and develops businesses with potential. Jim Dondero purchased 23 million shares of Pendrell, and Highland Capital Management purchased 13 million shares. That gives Highland Capital a more than 6 percent stake. The investment in Relypsa and Pendrell are typical Highland Capital Management moves. Dondero likes to take risks before other investors pull the trigger.

Pulling the trigger before other investors react has always been a Dondero tactic. He learned how to read different markets after graduating from the University of Virginia. He founded Highland Capital Management with fellow investor Mark Okada in the early 1990s, and the company got off to a good start almost immediately thanks to Dondero’s connections in the industry.

Dondero is also watching China’s economic situation and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Both of those situations could have an impact on Highland Capital Management assets this year. If China can’t get the economy moving again, and if Britain’s economy starts to slide, stock markets around the world will feel the pressure of a global recession, according to Jim Dondero. The investment industry is turning to gold as a safeguard against a global recession. The gold market has jumped more than 20 percent since the beginning of 2016 because of that possibility. A global recession could also be why Pendrell is a good investment, according to an article posted by

Crystal Hunt: From Rising Child Star to Multi-talented Actress

When it comes to versatility and talent, Emmy nominated actress Crystal Hunt has been at the top of her game ever since she gained fame by playing the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the award winning series, “Guiding Light”. Family and friends knew that she was destined for stardom at a young age, when her indelible acting skills first became apparent at the tender age of two. Utilizing the pageant world as a vehicle for her eventual Hollywood success, Crystal showcased her talent at regional competitions, captivating the judges with her outgoing personality and radiant smile. Initially landing acting roles in nationally broadcast commercials, she soon gained the attention of those at the Walt Disney Company, who cast her in a prominently run anti-drug campaign, starring alongside members of the world famous pop band, NSYNC. Soon after, she landed a role in the cult classic comedy, “Problem Child 2”.

Crystal Hunt‘s acting talent was formally recognized in 2005, when she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award. After finding success in the daytime drama “Guiding Light,” Crystal landed major supporting roles in several films, including the iconic “coming of age” film, “The Derby Stallion,” as well as the quirky romantic comedy “Sydney White”. In 2010, Crystal Hunt returned to her daytime acting roots, playing several pivotal roles in “One Life to Live”. Most recently, Hunt played a pivotal role in “Magic Mike XXL,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 blockbuster, “Magic Mike”.

Outside of acting, Crystal Hunt is well known for her advocacy and love of animals. In 2006, she helped open the pet-centric “My Pets Dream Boutique” in Clearwater, Florida, specializing in high quality pet care items, homeopathic treatments, as well as pet clothing and accessories. In 2014, Hunt broadened her horizons and produced her first full length feature film, “Talbot County”. Whether she is behind the camera or in front of it, advocating for the humane treatment of animals, or running a successful business, actress Crystal Hunt continues to broaden her horizons and prove herself to be a talented visionary in the world of film and entertainment.

Taking Visitation With Kids On Video With Securus

I have personally watched kids take visitation with their parents over Securus more than once, and I believe that it is a good thing for the kids who are most in need of parents in their lives. I cannot judge the parents that must take visitation over video, but I have to be there to make sure that it goes well.

The kids that I work with are usually a little older, and they are coming in for appointments with the social work team. They usually are in the guardianship of a family member, and that means that they are doing alright most of the time. They just have to come have the visitation with me. Doing the visitation with me is pretty easy because we use the tablet I was issued by my boss to handle talks on Securus.

I can dial up any parent in any jail with the app, and then I can get the two of them on the call. It is very easy for me to sit in the back of the room while they talk, and then I can stop the call when time is up. Everyone in the room gets what they need in this situation because I can see the kids connect with parents, parents get to check on their kids and I am doing a very fun part of my job.

I believe that kids need to know their parents to make sure that families can stick together as much as possible. I know that it is hard for these families, but the Securus app is definitely going to be helpful for families that want to use it at home. I sometimes tell them to use the app at home if they can, and that gives them another chance to talk.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.